Monday 4 March 2019

This Is How We Roll - The Key To Life

Two ex Oracle art students and one teacher at the Isle of Wight Festival 2018.

I think this was the 4th year of being in the Kidzone so we were pretty organised and able to deal with being inundated with children wanting to be creative.

The aim of the exercise is to encourage enjoyment so that the end result is a high vibrating canvas.

Dayzii and Milo were art students at The Oracle for many years and it has been wonderful to see them evolve with their art and as beautiful people. Having their help at the festival has been such fun and vitally important to the process.

Each year I try to have a different spin on things. We'd already done oil painting and blending, acrylics, gouache splattering and woollen textures so in 2018 I decided it was time for a collage.

A wonderful thing happens when I've been working along side students for many years - it's as if we all read each other and fall into an easy pattern of being with one another. We all seem to understand the end goal and the process without it being massively discussed.

The first thing that happens is we pitch our tent, and we were so lucky to have the riverside spot yet again. We settle ourselves in and explore the festival before having a relatively early night so that we were ready for the hecticity of our start  on Friday afternoon.

One thing that you couldn't fail to notice was how all three of us had grown in confidence and now so enjoy being expressive without feeling the need to hide ourselves in any way for fear of upsetting someone else.

It's been a long journey and we have helped each other - as sensitive people - to live comfortably in a world that can be challenging for us.

Friday Midday.

Without any discussion, all three of us began beavering away - finishing our costumes and making ourselves up.

The tent was ransacked!

It was filled on the one side with bags and bags of collage fabrics, big pots of glue, brushes, sequins, glitter, ribbons, scissors, cushions, blankets and bunting - everything we needed to set up our area, and the remaining space was taken up by my and Dayzii's wardrobe with just 2 narrow slots for us to sleep in.
Luckily Milo pitched a separate tent next door and got much needed tent - pitching practice.😂😂😂
Amidst the fun and we pulled it out the bag and were set up and ready to go bang on time.

The wonderful thing was that without discussing it, we all realised that we were putting on a performance that wasn't just about the collage.

There was a real sense of theatre as if we were setting the stage for something really important.

I guess it's because we were all spiritually directed.

In one sense we were providing a really fun platform for kids to let rip and have a lot of fun in the Kidzone, and in another, we were imparting something really important.

A major Key to Life is self love and self expression. We have come to earth to be ourselves and share our gifts - it would be in the ego not to. Yet society has us conform until we lose our voices and forget our individuality. We must share what we are even as others believe we are in our ego.

Isn't it strange how the ego works?

After quickly setting up our area I  gave a twenty minute guided meditation to prepare us as a unified body.

It  just flowed out and as I recall, we connected to the earth beneath us, the tree that hung over us and felt ourselves cocooned within it's presence.

Whenever I do guided meditations they are delivered by spirit and I usually have very little recollection of them. It is as if I am transported some place else and I take people there with me.

We came back as light as air and ready to draw young people in, so that they could feel this energy and learn the pathway of it.

As always at festivals, we are mobbed by people of all ages.

Because we were doing collage, the whole creative space looked chaotic, but the atmosphere was completely serene.

So often, people will come and join us in complete silence - all working alongside each other. All in a state of complete satisfaction and enjoyment.

First of all a base layer goes on that is mainly in white fabrics - to bulk up the canvas and give it more body and an interesting surface to work on. Vast amounts of glue are used so that when the collage dries, the shapes in the fabrics hold.

At this stage some are put off as it looks to an untrained eye that we have no idea what we are doing and that we are idiots! One woman actually told us we were - which could have been quite upsetting had we not found it so funny.

All of Saturday was spent cutting up fabrics and gluing them on, at first, in a haphazard fashion. Later everyone began working harmoniously as if we were all sharing the same mind.

The energy went in waves - crazy and frenetic - and then smooth. It's wonderful and completely exhausting at the same time.

We may look chilled out - and we are - but at the same time, the three of us are Holding Energy in our area under the tree, so that all who enter can take a piece of it and know it whenever they come across this energy again.

It is spiritual energy, the energy of our home and many are unfamiliar with it. For some it makes them feel vulnerable and uneasy, but for others - especially the younger ones - they can't get enough of it.

They will stay with us for hours - understanding on a level that they are needed to help us hold the energy.

It is a truly magical experience.

The more the collage came together, the more feverish everyone became. We had to turn children away because there just wasn't room - especially when the ribbons and then the GLITTER and sequins came out.

Throughout my teaching, glitter has always been a great favourite. I always save it till last as otherwise it gets covered up. And I am the glitter monitor - It's really important that I make this known or the whole canvas could get out of control and end up completely blue or gold with the exuberant enthusiasm.

Several years ago, I had a student that almost popped when I told her I was in charge of the glitter pot.

'When I grow up, I want to be a glitter monitor!' she shrieked.

The final two hours of the collage that we tackled on the Sunday, was pure glitter work, and working in minute pieces of fabric down to a square cm.

A collage is like painting with fabric - getting all the differing tones of colour and textures so that they flow with one another.

What I love is the embellishments and the quirky little areas created by individuals that all come together as one expressive piece.

The intricate details that all weave into one another. The hours of dedication to complete the final piece. The looks of joy on all the children faces.

With a collage there is so much energy embedded.

The materials may have traveled with me 40 years. There are buttons that belonged to a boyfriend's granny, a shoe of mine that came from a vintage shop. Parts of mood boards from fashion student days, an old skirt that I bought in Goa in 2002, leaves from the tree we were sitting under and an old cardigan that a school friend gave me that her mum had re knitted.

The stories interwoven can never be known and yet they are there - as energy.

Then there are the beautiful dancing energies of all that have chosen, laid down, arranged and perfected a part of it.

The energies of the environment and the tree and the sky and lastly the energy of the viewers as they walk by.

This canvas is available for charity auction if anyone would like to make contact with me.

The Journey to Freedom - The Healing Way

This is an example of how I use to paint twenty years ago. It is acrylic on paper, done by copying a photograph - which I took - and painted with a brush with only a few hairs. It was a painstaking way of working. It was about replicating, which, mentally after you've sussed out how to do that, becomes fairly boring.

Being an artist is a journey that mirrors your life. None of us can stay in the same groove forever - it would be unnatural and yet I have lost count of the number of times people have pulled me up on why I no longer paint cottage scenes, why I no longer paint like this.

Having painted cottages in spring, summer, autumn, winter, with blue, grey, or cloudy sky, in pastels, oils or acrylics, I can safely say... 'I have done that thing!'😂

So life unfolds as it does and you amble along with it, not knowing the destination.

For me, now, I realise that my journey was all about awakening. Hindsight is such an amazing thing.

You don't know what you don't know. You don't miss what you don't know and you don't know what you miss. It's so entangling, but I remember that I didn't want to die stupid. I wanted to be fully aware of all that crossed my path and then to fully understand it.

One thing that's great with art, is that it slows everything down. Life has to stop for a moment and it gives you time to digest what is unfolding around you.

There was never a decision to come away from representational art in favour of energy art - it just happened. Turns out it was always meant to happen. It was what I'd come on earth to do. It was laid down.

I'm a spiritual teacher - energy art was the way I learned how to teach. It is a spirit lead approach where all the information comes from spirit and is laid down in form - as a painting. The way of art allows you to hear spirit clearly and to follow guidance.

Many people glancing at the art will call it abstract, but it is not. I guess they are just putting it into a category that they are aware of, and they have no awareness of energy art or the term. It confuses them, and they can't see or feel it. It requires HEART to feel it and this is innate to human beings although many shun it.

To be an energy artist has been a solitary road for a very long time and now what keeps me sane is a pod of people around me that get it, and to know that being in service to spirit is the main reason for being on earth.

I live more above than below, completely at home with my animals that have passed, my brother and my friend Mick, the Archangels and Mahatma Gandhi.

What is in my awareness now that was not when I was painting the Island scenes, is the existence of spirit and an eternal life where I have lived before and will continue to do so, even after this body.

How do I know? How many people have said 'That's your belief,' as if it is something outside of my arena of knowledge as a whimsical belief that I could change my mind on once I was no longer brain washed.

The reason I know is because the silence of art has enabled me to hear that which was always there, and the images of art have helped show me what is playing out in my life.

Over the coming weeks I will post some examples of what bought me to know. What I will say for now is -

'That the ultimate healing starts from within and enables us to hear because we are light enough to do so.
The ultimate journey on this planet is to be as a person that can fully live through the heart.
When we can hear and fully live through the heart, something shifts within us.
The whole world stays the same, but we are different within it.
In time, with enough people being different within the world, the energy on it will change and life on earth will be an entirely different experience.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Art and Mental Health. Part 5.

Many adult students sign up for workshops because they are drawn to learn this type of art. Somehow they recognise in them, that they will benefit from it. Many need to heal themselves from trauma - in this life or to reset a repetitive pattern that existed before this life so that they can extend beyond it.

Through free energy art a person goes into silence, into the superconscious mind, accesses universal consciousness, and then comes back, bringing with them a residue of stuff that exists in their subconscious mind that requires healing.

The idea is that a person becomes progressively lighter and can then live in balance.

Workshops are always perfectly measured, with the right people coming along according to who needs what from whom. The class operates above and below, with the room being packed with guides and helpers from beyond the veil.

Approximately two years ago, a guy joined that had been struggling with his mental health and mania for many years. I was so glad that he was willing to commit time to energy art in order to begin the journey of self healing. It was also interesting and a privilege to be able to share this journey to see in what way this process could help.

Free expression art, energy art, channelled art, spiritual art, visionary art, psychic art are all labels that could be given to this type of art.

To some onlookers they glance at it, seeing only colour, and they dismiss it. Maybe they are not ready. Maybe they are too in their minds, trying to think what it isn't.

Many miss the energy of it, the depth and the message and maybe that is right, as all of this information is meant for the healing of the creator - locked into the painting like a secret code showing itself only to those that are aware enough to realise that there are doors........

Many of them - to other planes of consciousness - accessed in the no mind state, through art. Without trying, but with an openness of mind and a freeness of purpose. In an allowing state.

This guy that showed up for art was ready to try anything and so we began working together on a canvas each week, with spirit knitting our energy together as we worked - egolessly.

The results were amazing. First of all, at a glance, the canvas - painted with oil paints - seemed to be merely covered in shapes. We would rotate them round, viewing them each way up until images began to appear as if cloud gazing.

Nearly always, figures showed themselves - many of which wearing a turban, but this was only apparent after the second phase of work - giving depth to elements of the painting - revealing what had been laid down.

I was interested to learn that part of this guys mania involved him wearing a turban and being a king. It was as if he was tuning into a past life experience.

We have continued to work together in this way, each week - the idea being that the familiarity of it treads a well worn path of connection between here and spirit, allowing him to have control of his own doorway.

Unfortunately he is on monthly injections of a mind altering drug that has embedded him deep inside himself.

It's a difficult situation of awakening him through the fog, raising his vibration up so that he can recognise the voices if and when they appear once his medication has been reduced.

For now, all is well, with many little steps in the right direction.

Art and Mental Health. Part 4. Special Needs or Special.

Many of my students have been on the autistic spectrum. I think we all are, after all it's a spectrum that varies in extremity.

I've had young people rock up to The Oracle, failing to thrive at school, self harming, having suicidal thoughts, not wanting to continue living. Being in a very dark place.

Then there are others that just don't fit in. They are different and can't make friends - existing in their own closed and private world. There were the 'problem children,' that apparently needed extra staff support, the ones with chromosome abnormalities, severe physical disabilities, those with Aspergers, problems with communicating, anxiety and Tourettes.

Normal wasn't something that existed in my teaching world, but it was very, very special.

All those that have come to earth different, are here for a reason, and that is to educate others. Because they are to some degree or other disassociated with the regular norm and can't be moulded by it, fit in to it, or cope with it, they are deemed Special Needs.

They are in fact Special. Capable of  far more than the regular person ; the new mode of human being, come to replace the old model of density that exists purely third dimensionally.

Mankind is shifting consciousness and the Special Ones have come to bring a raised band of energy to the earth in order to help others that are here.

All is in perfect order. It is imperative that there are those whose focus is purely energy related as it is for those that are in the position as carers. It is symbiotic with the carer being enlightened by the one they are caring for.

Kids on the spectrum are downloading so many sets of information at once. It's as if they are completely permeable and can feel the thoughts of everyone in the room and the general strife of the world.

Simply tackling one sum in maths is demeaning for them. An insult to their intelligence and a relative waste of time in the vast scheme of things.

It's as if education needs to catch up. For them to show us how they need to learn - so they can remember what they came to share. To be given the space to grown - not a box which they cannot escape from.

I remember when I was introduced to the term 'Messy Play' and I was a little shocked.

Where I had encouraged artistic freedom and self expression, the children had shown me that there was much more to their art that an untrained eye would miss.

Calling it Messy Play seemed to undermine the essence of these children as if that was all they were capable of.

The more time I spent with young people, the more I came to learn that they are waiting for the world to catch up. Many are seers, many are able to read minds, know an underlying motive, have the gift of premonition. All lies are transparent and they humour by merely observing them.

Once these children are acknowledged truly for who they are, they begin to flourish and connect in fully with their genius.

Art above all else is the tool that guides them all back home to their innate selves. The colour captivates them, soothes them and cleanses their auric layers and chakras - healing them from all the unnecessary information that has been clinging to them, dogging their progress from the shear weight of it.

Art can be a catalyst - giving a child a sense of achievement and fulfilment. A means of communicating something going on far deeper within them.

It gives them time to be silent, to go in and remember. It gives them a safe place to relay their truth for confirmatory discussion.

With art I grew to know about the telepathy of twins, how they shared their own dreams, how one student excelled at football because he knew the other players next move......

I learned that they can all feel love and it affects them deeply. That encouragement and patience and the ability to listen were paramount. That confirmations of psychic abilities and the existence of spirit and voices in the head, entities, the realness of extreme sensitive ability, the feeling tone of people and things, hearing threads of conversation hanging in the air, hearing peoples thoughts - I learned and confirmed that this was all real, as they learned and confirmed and taught me.

Art and Mental Health. Part 3.

While having complementary therapy, the lady that I was seeing, asked me -

'Do you mind if I speak to you about something other than the reason that you think you are here?'

It sounded deep, so I said 'Yes.'

She suggested that I enrolled in courses at The College of Psychic Studies and considering that we'd had no personal discussion, I was stunned.

I was given a brochure, enrolled for several courses and began trekking up to London several times a week for two years.

It was there that I learned that I was not nuts. That there were more of us.

So far I'd seen devils, witches, entities, dark masses, part formed beings, angels, regular human spirits, heard voices - within and without and seen a complete transformation of my art.

The beautiful snowy, cottage images had given way to art that gave me information. The silent practice of painting gave rise to art that came with a clear message. A complete knowing what the painting was about.

Meanwhile at The College I learned that energy was flowing into me but not through me. It was getting stuck somehow. There was a battle going on.

It was a battle with my heart. One where I needed to forgive and send love to someone that had repeatedly caused me pain. My heart had closed to protect itself and I had no idea how to operate it. When would I know it was fixed? What should I do to mend it?

I had a lot of fear in my life - what with the entities and ton of stuff that made no sense and yet was real because I had seen it with my own eyes.

It was then that I realised that I had come to the end of my learning at The College for the time being.
I knew I was not special - I was hearing that from a Higher Source. But some would say I was because I had abilities that others did not.
I had begun practise of sending love.
I knew in my soul that we are all innately the same, so if I could experience something then so could others even if they had not yet discovered that they could do.
Maybe I was a forerunner. Not really. I weighed up in my mind all those that had gone before.

Then I heard that I was a Wayshower, so I Googled it.
It was a real thing and there were others - here to show the way, to guide people to shift their consciousness.

The study of consciousness became a massive thing for me for ten years, and all the while I remembered the earlier days at St Pancras.

During this decade I experienced much. I heard light and dark. Good and evil. I had the dark inside me and remember the exact moment when the penny dropped and I could distinguish it as different from myself. A malevolent entity that was contained within my skull with me.

Up until that moment it had seemed that all the information in my brain / mind was of me, but it was now clear that all ravelled up in a tight ball was several sets of information, with only part of it being mine.

It followed three months of cocaine use - that was out of character for me. My system had been pristine and now I had muckied it with a dark substance. I had blown my crown chakra wide open and now anything drawn to the light - as a sharks feeding frenzy - could enter at will. And it did.

I communicated with it and tried to force it to leave but it just remained. Always in the background with negative interjections.

 It was a slow process of recovery that re-reminded me to once more connect with my heart centre. To find my love. Wholeness. Health. Mental clarity. Joy.

I now had an affinity with the patients form years before and wondered what had come first for them. Had an unfoldment in life triggered their voices? Had it been caused by drugs? Where they more sensitive? Had hospital administered drugs compounded the problem?

It was clear that they had an issue with the crown chakra. It was not functioning. It was open, and they are unaware of the need to man their own doorway.

Ironically, the drug use helped me. It expanded my awareness of something that otherwise I would have been oblivious to. It was the missing piece in the puzzle and I was able to finish this painting that had taken seven years to paint as I did not understand it.

Now I know that seven years is a spiritual year. I was meant to experience all that I did as part of a consciousness fact finding mission.

The energy on the planet was relatively dense at the outset of this painting, but as new comers came to earth and more art students came to learn, as well as my own consciousness understanding being brow beaten into submission, I came to know that we are 5th dimensional beings. That we are vessels that can be filled with light or dark, and that ultimately we have a choice.

Art and Mental Health. Part 2.

After I qualified I left nursing. I had loved it, but my first love had always been art. So I pursued that, and in 1996, 8 years after my St Pancras experience, I bought my first home.

It was a run down cottage in Godshill that was over 400 years old. I was involved heavily in the renovation of it and embraced my life as an artist painting Island scenes, flowers and a set of fantasy paintings.

I did not realise at the time that my fantasy art was more real than I gave it credit for. They were colourful images depicting pixies that were in another dimension. It was fun make believe until I realised that my brain was being prised open - letting in the light - until I recalled my early childhood and talking with spirits all around me.

It dawned on me that I was painting a reality that I did not yet understand, but repeated painting would shed light until I started to have a slight grasp of it.

It was wonderful to finally move into my own home and the energy was shaken up considerably with walls being demolished, concrete being poured through windows to replace earth floors. It was like starting from the beginning with a shell.

A mirror of my life?

It was not long before disturbances began and then they came relentlessly - so much so, that I dreaded going to sleep.

I began to feel frayed round the edges with extreme tiredness and for a long while said nothing to anyone. I was quietly going mad.

One time, I was putting on my make-up and my mouth just opened and spoke in a completely different voice, saying -
'This is the voice of your dead grandmother.'
Another time I was emptying the washing machine and a demonic voice began making guttural sounds from inside my head and outside, just to the right. I can't recall the exact words now, but it was threatening in nature.
Spirits had started appearing, and one swam round my body - because I had let it in order to study it. A tremendous force was needed to get it out again.

Why had I let it in?

A complete stranger sat next to me on a train when I was about 18 and told me that I was a seer, and years later I was considering it and felt that in order to see it would be important to be 'open' somehow.

It was 10 am, I had slept badly again, so was still in bed. I thought, okay, I will just 'feel open.'

I got up to wee, promptly forgetting the open command, came back into the bedroom to see a spirit hovering above the ground at the end of my bed. I ran and dived under the covers - not completely accepting the reality of the situation.

There was no time to think. It swooshed through the top of my had, bathing me in coolness. There may have been a momentary feeling where I could have blocked it then, but for some reason I did not. It swam through me, sensing my nature. Checking me out from inside. It was when my eyes felt like they were out on stalks and seeing my body from above that I panicked and forced with all my might to get it out.

I was in shock. A spirit had been inside me. I had been shown that this was possible. I had also been shown that it was possible to hear a voice inside my head that was not me.

There was considerably more to this world than what was being currently spoken about and I was at a loss to know where to begin in order to further understand things.

Art and Mental Health. Part 1.

I first became interested in mental health while training to be a nurse at University College Hospital in London. It was on one of our ward experiences at St Pancras Hospital that my perceptions of
mental health started to shift.

To be fair, I had never really considered mental health at the age of 18 as I hadn't so far met anyone that was mentally ill. This unfolding definitely kickstarted something in me, being a baptism of fire, as a student nurse at what was then known as the worst mental hospital in the country.

To start of I was really confused by it. How the human brain could tie itself in so many knots - looping over and over - with the person so locked inside themselves that they had no ability to feel you. Also having been given a cocktail of drugs or electric shock treatment they had no innate resources. Their mind had been completely disarmed and they were rendered to a stupor that was almost worse than the original problem.

I guess in this state they didn't harm themselves or anyone else, but it was not the answer.

As a student, you are given tasks for the day, and then you sort of float unto your own devices for a period of the day. I always used this time to communicate with people whatever ward I was on - much to the disgust of my seniors who considered it idling around and an improper use of my time.

Communication and love within the world setting - especially in a hospital are fundamental to healing. This is obvious and yet there isn't time for it. I worked like stink, got all my jobs done and made time for unearthing what was actually going on in an individuals sphere.

I agree it is important to make the general population safe as well as see that the individual with the mental disturbance is not able to hurt themselves. So when I chatted with individuals I was trying to puzzle out what would be a better direction to go in other than drugging them up to their eyeballs.

For one, it was as if the drugs made their condition worse. It was apparent that it wasn't being effective in the condition other than to cause it temporarily to go to ground - only to rise up again - if the balance of drugs didn't spank their brain enough.

There were some severely affected people - one had impaled himself on an iron railing and tried to kill his parents. He had an obsession with facial surgery. Another remained in a sleeping bag for weeks because God had told him to do so. Then there was a talkative man that would sandpaper your mind with his endless recanting of two children crossing a road. One in a blue coat and one in a red coat - or was it a green coat and a yellow coat - and they crossed a road from left to right, or was it.....?

To begin with I didn't necessarily find any great purpose in listening to the drivel. You weren't meant to make head nor tail of it, and if you tried, you could wind up mental too.

But I began noticing something else - oh so subtle. It was the energy that was going on within them.
There was an essence or several that was not them and in the eye a flicker of darkness that would leave a mark on my heart - a glancing density - that I would feel fear from.

Feeling slightly winded I would continue being with these people, listening to what they offered when they spoke. It wasn't a talking task, merely a receiving one.

They all spoke of 'voices in their heads' and were deemed mental. Anyone with a voice in their head was mental.

Friday 1 March 2019

The Power of Art

I believe that art has the power to heal because when we are immersed in it - with all our passion - our hearts open wide and we access our innate creation ability. We access our genius and this gives us tremendous joy and fulfilment. A sense of accomplishment and worth. We are nourished by the energy that we pour out of ourselves as well as the energy that fills us up. It is a win win situation that results in our own healing as well as the healing of others, purely by viewing the art.

I have been lucky because I have had the opportunity to share with many young people the journey of healing through art. Such a simple process of expressing yourself with colour - beyond the mind and form. Formless art. Inspiration. A journey that - without pressure - with complete freedom, allows forms to arrive
on their own. A process that gives the mind a complete rest.

Spontaneous free expression captivates a students imagination effortlessly, with healing being a natural and steady bi-product of the enjoyment.

Here are some stunning creations by one of my students who came to me because she had zero confidence. She is at one of the special schools on the Island, but this was not an issue for her.
Somehow something had triggered a complete inability to communicate without jittering nervously She cowered and kept her eyes down, blocking everyone out because she found interaction too difficult and stressful.

Creativity is an amazing process because the act of it causes us to open up. Conversation starts to flow and so healing is on many levels.

What I realised happens to many people is what I observed in myself. As a young child this happened to me. I was fully aware of the dynamic and studied it.

When we are sensitive we pick up on the thoughts of others and fall into behaving exactly as they perceive us. It is not intentional, enjoyable or desired and is very hard to break free from and snap out of. It becomes an ingrained habit.

It feels like you are somehow hooked into a dynamic that over powers you - that is more powerful, and it took me years of fighting it to realise how to escape. Now I teach others the techniques that I learned.

A sensitive person has their own personality that they are aware of as well as all the other personalities of everyone else that they interact with or that are within their vicinity. They read and process all of this information simultaneously and it can be very draining and exhausting.

No help is sought or believed to be required because it is assumed that we are all the same - swamped with a heavy mat of feeling information that is drowning us with its weight.

Finally there is now more information 'out there' that is showing how All Is Energy, and All can be Felt. All is Tangible. PHEW!

So this mirroring of others that think that we are stupid, weak, feeble, incapable or LESS somehow is something that overrides our natural self because we are swamped by it and have a difficulty in detangling all the incoming feelings to sort out what is our own. And there just ISN'T Time. Life is too hurried and rushed and we receive no help, and we can't work out what is wrong with us.

Art gives us breathing space. Time to be intrinsically ourselves. As sensitive people we can learn to hear and know ourselves louder than all the other surrounding melee.

We do not have to humour others because their
thoughts of us are demeaning - however shouty they are.

With this particular student, regular discussions of energy dynamics were crucial to her healing, as well as conversation and an environment where every drop of energy was positive and encouraging.

Even momentary dips in my energy would bring a question...
'Do you like me?'
 or - 'I'm sorry.' as if she was responsible for my energy as she was being affected by it.

It took me right back to when I was a child. She helped me remember and to heal these
deepest darkest corners of myself and to bring them into the light.

After two years this student is now the chattiest, cheekiest member of the class and radiates joy, compassion and love.

Wednesday 27 February 2019

I Am Enough.

Throughout life I've been in constant search of a self that seems ever changing. Searching for everything and yet looking for nothing. Life racing by in the blink of an eye.

I am not the person that I was five years ago, and feel the being that existed in me ten years before, was someone living a parallel life - a person that I could have been if I'd stayed on that path.

It was as a meandering road that we take when lost on our way - to where?

That was my questioning as a child.

'What is the purpose for all this?'
'Why am I here?'
'Where am I going?'

Everything became convoluted, too much, too noisy and I raced about being a people pleaser, never stopping for a minute to consider myself or what Nicola would like.

It was as if I wasn't aware that I was allowed to think of myself - for that would be selfish.

Life had to take me to a place where I was bought to my knees, where I came to realise that we can serve on this planet, but that this is not the same as giving up on ourselves.

We are here as energy contained within flesh and bone, and our vibration is the most important thing that we can take care of, that we are responsible for.

If our emissions are hectic, fragmented, sullied, sad, disjointed, flat, spikey or shardy, then everything around us is jagged because it is being affected by our presence.

When we are smooth and floaty, happy, up beat, gracious, joyful - when we are able to feel and be love - everything about us changes.

When water is pure and surrounded by music, laughter and love, it develops beautiful, delicate snowflake crystal shapes. This shows us just how important our emotion - energy in motion - is.

Firstly it is vital for our health and self healing. Filling ourselves up with love and positive self talk where we can see beauty in ourselves, where we accept ourselves exactly as we are.

Once everything is stripped away, our essence is rainbow coloured light.  To return to this state is all that is required, for being this way it shows others how to be the same.

No words or demonstrations are needed. Just a heart that emits its soul song.

You are enough.

There is no need to seek love or approval from others. All is within ourselves. Happiness is a choice.

I remember when I first began to disengage with society en masse, and to spend more time in nature, amongst trees or listening to waves.

Healing took quite a long time - several years, until I was finally able to feel myself. My rhythm, my peace, my essence.

In the silence I slowly grew to know who I am, where I'm going and why I'm here and although others are involved in my life - and I love it when they are, for I can play with them a while, but they cannot detract from my truest nature -  they can only enrich it.

The soul song journey requires a level of simplicity within ourselves where we can find joy and fulfilment in our lives as they are - not seeking, not wishing.

The joy of a sparkling rain drop, or the magical nature of a snowflake.

Once you can find joy around you, it is possible to build on it, with the positive energy radiating from you, attracting more of the same until suddenly it seems that the whole world is smiling with you.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

The Oracle Gallery

Introducing Nicola Gibbs (The Oracle Gallery)

Consciousness Shift

For some years now, I have been educating young people about the consciousness shift.

Through art and meditation we can come to a place of high vibration when we are working with passion; In the no mind state / the daydream we access the super conscious mind - the microcosm of universal consciousness.

We are all individual 'cosms.'

The super consciousness contains information that our conscious mind does not know what to do with.
It is rather like the branches of a tree. The deeper we go into our super consciousness the further we can travel in our knowing of the universe and multiverse.

Understanding of our universe and our full place in it, as well our understanding of other universes is an inward journey.

We are a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. All information can be inspired in the no mind state.
Drawn through the artist and onto canvas, knowledge evolves through the painted journey.

We are infinite, and live lifetime after lifetime experiencing relationship after relationship, in order that we come to know ourselves. So that we can return to our innate energy, which is love.
Once we have found our true nature, our consciousness expands, as we now have the ability to see more, feel more, comprehend more. Working with spirit, Ascended Masters and Archangels, becomes a way of life.
Walking between the worlds becomes the norm, and this process leaves an energy signature.

By being a channel for free creative expression, on a regular basis, a student forms an energy pathway that becomes so strong that a person can be here and there simultaneously. ie here and in spirit at the same time.
This process, as it is accompanied with a state of high vibration, brings this link to earth, and anchors it here.
The more people on earth that learn to do this, the higher the planetary energy. The higher the planetary energy, the more people will shift their consciousness.

Before such a high vibration is reached, we must focus on ourselves and begin to practice self love.
Our general demeanour throughout our lives needs to be bought into balance.
One where we are in control of our moods and are in charge of how we choose to feel and to re act.

When we can finally learn to maintain a clear head, without clamouring thoughts, we can truly say that we have lived. In this state a life presents itself that is in the flow of synchronistic unfolding, without strain.

Lessons still show up that need to be learned, but we have the tools and the knowledge that we have help from the other side of the veil, and we know to listen to internal guidance to find solutions to find ease on our path.