Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Oracle Gallery

Introducing Nicola Gibbs (The Oracle Gallery)

Consciousness Shift and Beyond!!

For some years now, I have been educating young people about the consciousness shift.

Through art and meditation we can come to a place of high vibration, as we are working with passion; and the no mind state, as we go into the daydream.
It is in the no mind that we access the super conscious which is universal consciousness.

The super consciousness contains information that our conscious mind does not know what to do with.
It is rather like the branches of a tree. The deeper we go into our super consciousness the further we can travel in our knowing of the universe and multiverse.
Understanding of our universe and our full place in it, as well our understanding of other universes is an inward journey.
We are a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. All information can be inspired in the no mind state.
Drawn through the artist and onto canvas, knowledge evolves through the painted journey.

We are infinite, and live life time after life time experiencing relationship after relationship, in order that we come to know ourselves. So that we can return to our innate energy, which is love.
Once we have found our true nature, our consciousness expands, as we now have the ability to see more, feel more, comprehend more.Working with spirit, Ascended Masters and Archangels, becomes a way of life.
Walking between the worlds becomes the norm, and this process leaves an energy signature

By being a channel for free creative expression, on a regular basis, a student forms an energy pathway that becomes so strong that a person can be here and there simultaneously. ie here and in spirit at the same time.
This process, as it is accompanied with a state of high vibration, brings this link to earth, and anchors it here. The more people on earth that learn to do this, the higher the planetary energy. The higher the planetary energy, the more people will shift their consciousness.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Preparing for an exhibition of free expression at The Oracle Gallery

A unique opportunity to view a showcase of art by students of Nicola Gibbs at The Oracle Gallery, Church Hollow, Godshill, Isle of Wight, P0383HH

Exhibited is a range of works from students aged 2 - 85.

Open from 18th March - 18 April

10.30 - 4 every day except Friday

Come and be inspired by the unique diversity of art, and come and have a go at a large group painting.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Awakening and ART

C'mon lads n lasses, its time to awaken to the new 5th dimensional energies.

Awakening occurs when there is a shift in perception. A raise in consciousness from lower energies that bind us to a lower vibration or samsara.

Awakening means that we completely remember.....when we remember.

The problem is in the initial remembering, with your mind battling a new perception and saying 'this isn't real'

The laugh comes when you finally break free, and you make out that you always new it anyway....which of course you did, before your memory was erased as you came out the birth canal.

Art is an amazing way to awaken.

Because the awakened state is who we fully are, it can be reached when we completely let go of all 3d control.

When you are in a blissed state, as in meditation, or when you lose yourself in art, your vibration raises, and you are able to be fully yourself, as you reach your higher self....the full self.

I always feel that the 3d energy....heavy, upset, angry, fearful is like only having half your head, and awareness..

Breaking free comes when you finally vow to yourself that you will never forget who you really are, you have a team talk with yourself or put post it notes around your house reminding you to never forget. Unfortunately despite this you still forget frequently until you remember better, and so well in fact that you break free.

The incredible thing that then transpires is that you realize that you have spent your whole life thus far, living only half a life, an illusion, with things totally upside down. You get cross with yourself for having gripped on to your stupidity for what seems like eons...and is in fact many many life times.

You start to remember other lifetimes, the pre- life state, you start to communicate with spirit, your guides, friends and family the other side of the veil and to work with angels.

You shift your consciousness because you understand microcosm and macrocosm, you understand that universal consciousness is within us all, and we can access it by going within;. through meditation, art or music; in the quiet times or when we' get out of our heads' and in our right, day dreamy state we can finally HEAR and finally KNOW who we are and why we came here.

Because we remember!! We awaken.

About 10% of the worlds population is currently awakening. That is such a good thing, as we need to pave the way for the Crystal and Rainbow children who are far more evolved than us, and are somewhat exasperated at the state of the world.

Their clarity is mind blowing. Spirit communication is so obvious for them they assume that we are ALL doing it.

Monday, 11 January 2010


A New Year, and a New Way.

Learning that I am not I......I am that I am. My higher self, Monad, helped by guides, a channel.
Who does speak? Who am I, and who are we?.

Clearing out all old energies, and cleansing the environment, with crystals and smudging.

Chanting helps reset the mental pathways. Perfect before meditation.
Chant and meditate regularly to find you true self.

You find your true self once you have stripped away the chatter
A band of energy.

What's the energy like?
Work towards positivity in everything.

Be filled with joy and love, because you can.

Breathe in light and anchor it into the earth.
Draw down the light through art, or meditation, music or contemplation.

Work with the light to heal the planet and the people,
Work with the light to raise consciousness . To en light en.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Being in the Now

Step one.... WAKE UP.

Step two.... Be in the now.

Step three.. Get rid of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you, negative emotions, living in the past, or future...... and know that you can change the polarity of good or bad at any time.

..Cleanse your mind, your body, your environment.

..Put joy and love into everything that you do.

..Meditate. Do not try. Do not think. Just be.

.. Open up your Chakras through your intent of wanting them open.

..Imagine, above you, the most beautiful, pure, Divine Light of absolute love.

..Feel a world of love penetrating your being from this Light.

..Draw this Diamond Light into your soul.

...Feel your Soul Light expand, and shine out.... Shine Your Light.

..Feel absolute joy and love for being here NOW, to live this life, at this time.

...What an honour.

..Send your Divine Light and love to the universe, to our beautiful planet, and to every living thing on it.

...Oneness will then follow.

Be all that you can be

This year promises to be a very important year regarding knowledge exchange, star gates opening, and changing energies.

There is so much now on the web regarding

Christ consciousness
Divine Cosmos
Divine Source
Spiritual tests
Photon Belt
raising consciousness levels to 5 dimensional understanding.

But, for me, the dichotomy is....
How can someone 'WAKE UP' when they feel that the above information is only for 'believers'

The perception of what I could possibly be as a 'believer' is about as far away from spiritual understanding, as it could be.

Spiritual understanding is so far out of the box to some, and yet for others an important part of who we are.

For me it is a birth right, a knowing so deep inside, memories returning, and learning to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.