Monday, 11 January 2010

A New Way

One of the key things to accomplish in life is to work out who and what you ARE NOT, and what you don't want and are not willing to put up with.
Everything else that is left is where you start from.

I am that I am.

My higher self, Monad, helped by guides, a channel.
Who does speak? Who am I, and who are we?

Remembering that we are not just the body and mind that we see is huge, and I believe pivotal in all crisis of mental health.
Maybe it is the purpose of mental ill health - so that we begin the journey of searching for who we truly are.

First of all you read about it, then maybe accept it as a concept. You fight against it, forget it, until, after numerous situations of being at rock bottom, you suddenly see a chink of light and you remember that the realm of spirit is your home, and that you are merely here as a visitor.

Life as you knew it completely changes because you understand that your key purpose for being here is to learn. You weren't a mishap or born by mistake. You chose to come here, and you chose your parents.

I remember wrestling with my ego for ages. I just couldn't rationalise Archangels, and yet I'd seen one clearly in my bedroom one morning, sat beautifully on my windowsill.
The idea that I had lived other lifetimes also seemed crazy until I had a past life regression and then learned how to regress myself.

Clearing out all old energies, and cleansing the environment with crystals and smudging is very important.
Energy needs space to move and flow around your home.

My awareness of the energy that is in objects was a gradual one. I use to own my own shop - Christmas Cottage and along with my artwork I had the shop stacked with stock displayed in every available space.
Then I noticed something. If I had just done a display and laid everything out beautifully and stood back thinking how beautiful everything looked, stuff from this display would start to sell immediately.
I slowly came to realise that too much stuff meant that I couldn't energise it all properly, and so things wouldn't sell and there would be a stuck energy.

I then learned about crystals and smudging with Californian white sage. The crystals are important for gridding a space - one in each corner, so that your boundaries are protected. Both the smudge stick and crystals are important to cleanse the space of any negative or toxic energy from yourself or from anyone else. They keep the energy clear so that you can have a quieter mind and a higher energy.

When I need an area cleansing with a smudge stick I always hand it over to the archangels to cleanse the space in the highest possible Divine Light, as they will do a far better job than I.

Crystals need to be regularly put outside under the full moon. I lay mine out on the soil and let them get rained on a few nights before I bring them back in when they are pinging with energy.

Chanting helps reset the mental pathways. Perfect before meditation as it sandpapers the mind of all  thoughts.

I've always loved Aum mani padme hum or the Gayatri Mantra.
In 1999, when working on an art project with friend and composer Sarah Class, I played one track of her music on repeat for several months. At this time I had no idea about mantra and no understanding of spirit. Little did I know the effects of high vibration music on repeat.

The result was an ability to channel art. I had no more thoughts left. I just was - a vessel / tube for energy to flow through me onto a canvas. I was merely the observer.

You find your true self once you have stripped away the chatter. It is a band of energy.

What is this energy like?

It is so subtle and ebbs and slips away without you even being aware.
A vigilant practice is important - especially in the early days. I was painting for most of the day for fifteen years. I found it the only way that I could stay on top of the voices that I could hear form inside.

Having been a trained nurse and worked at St Pancras Hospital as part of my psychiatric nursing experience, I would say that I definitely am not mental, and yet I can hear voices - both good and bad.

How I understand it now is - I am a clear channel, and so I can hear helpful guidance. When I am not a clear channel - through drink or drugs or toxic living, I hear voices that are not pleasant and they come from inside me, but are not mine.
The last time that I had an imposter within, it gave me enough of a sensation as I observed it, that I could clearly realise that I was totally separate from it and that it had come in through my crown chakra.

Work towards positivity in everything as negativity and gossip are of a lower vibration and only serve to lead you further away from yourself.

Be filled with joy and love, because you can.

Breathe in light and anchor it into the earth.
Draw down the light through art, or meditation, music or contemplation.

Work with the light to heal the planet and the people, to raise consciousness . To en light en.