Monday, 4 March 2019

The Journey to Freedom - The Healing Way

This is an example of how I use to paint twenty years ago. It is acrylic on paper, done by copying a photograph - which I took - and painted with a brush with only a few hairs. It was a painstaking way of working. It was about replicating, which, mentally after you've sussed out how to do that, becomes fairly boring.

Being an artist is a journey that mirrors your life. None of us can stay in the same groove forever - it would be unnatural and yet I have lost count of the number of times people have pulled me up on why I no longer paint cottage scenes, why I no longer paint like this.

Having painted cottages in spring, summer, autumn, winter, with blue, grey, or cloudy sky, in pastels, oils or acrylics, I can safely say... 'I have done that thing!'😂

So life unfolds as it does and you amble along with it, not knowing the destination.

For me, now, I realise that my journey was all about awakening. Hindsight is such an amazing thing.

You don't know what you don't know. You don't miss what you don't know and you don't know what you miss. It's so entangling, but I remember that I didn't want to die stupid. I wanted to be fully aware of all that crossed my path and then to fully understand it.

One thing that's great with art, is that it slows everything down. Life has to stop for a moment and it gives you time to digest what is unfolding around you.

There was never a decision to come away from representational art in favour of energy art - it just happened. Turns out it was always meant to happen. It was what I'd come on earth to do. It was laid down.

I'm a spiritual teacher - energy art was the way I learned how to teach. It is a spirit lead approach where all the information comes from spirit and is laid down in form - as a painting. The way of art allows you to hear spirit clearly and to follow guidance.

Many people glancing at the art will call it abstract, but it is not. I guess they are just putting it into a category that they are aware of, and they have no awareness of energy art or the term. It confuses them, and they can't see or feel it. It requires HEART to feel it and this is innate to human beings although many shun it.

To be an energy artist has been a solitary road for a very long time and now what keeps me sane is a pod of people around me that get it, and to know that being in service to spirit is the main reason for being on earth.

I live more above than below, completely at home with my animals that have passed, my brother and my friend Mick, the Archangels and Mahatma Gandhi.

What is in my awareness now that was not when I was painting the Island scenes, is the existence of spirit and an eternal life where I have lived before and will continue to do so, even after this body.

How do I know? How many people have said 'That's your belief,' as if it is something outside of my arena of knowledge as a whimsical belief that I could change my mind on once I was no longer brain washed.

The reason I know is because the silence of art has enabled me to hear that which was always there, and the images of art have helped show me what is playing out in my life.

Over the coming weeks I will post some examples of what bought me to know. What I will say for now is -

'That the ultimate healing starts from within and enables us to hear because we are light enough to do so.
The ultimate journey on this planet is to be as a person that can fully live through the heart.
When we can hear and fully live through the heart, something shifts within us.
The whole world stays the same, but we are different within it.
In time, with enough people being different within the world, the energy on it will change and life on earth will be an entirely different experience.

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