Friday, 6 February 2009

A Healing Journey

Learning to be here right NOW.

Healing yourself is a lengthy process but thoroughly worthwhile.
Learning to love yourself and take good care of yourself is the most important thing that you can ever do.
Only then you will be able to truly love others and be able to help them.
By showing the way we become Wayshowers - a guiding light for others to follow.
Our energy becomes like a pathway for others and our energy emitted becomes one of love.

If we could all clearly see the colour and nature of our emitted energy, we would take more care of it.

Energy is probably the most significant THING in the entire universe.
If we all pumped out LOVE, we would heal the world and there would be no hunger - because a sense of duty would ensure that the ample and abundant world harvests were equally shared for all the global family.

Start by getting rid of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you - negative emotions, living in the past, or future...... and know that you can change the polarity of good or bad at any time. You alone have the power to choose your emotions - energy in motion - every day.
To begin with this seems very complicated especially if your brain is looping and chatting incessantly, but with time and practice it will quieten.

Simplify your life so that needless rushing about is eliminated. Ask yourself
'Is this bringing me joy?'
'Is this enriching my life?'

Cleanse your mind, your body, your environment.
Declutter your space, declutter your mind and purge your health.
Stock up on ORGANIC FOODS - vegetables and meat. You may think that it is food that you are buying in the supermarkets - it is not. So much of it is laced with pesticides and really not fit for human consumption.
When you see a huge grape, or onion or leek etc - realise it did not grow this way by itself.
For ages I told myself that I could not afford to go completely organic, but after extensive research I came across the 'Dirty Dozen' list and now I am adamant. ( I eat less, but better.)

Put joy and love into everything that you do. Be conscious of the energy pathway that you leave behind you. Let it not be a turgid slick.

Meditate. Do not try. Do not think. Just be.
For me, art is meditation without trying. The POWER comes when there is a GAP between thoughts.
In these gaps, we get messages and intuition from spirit / from our higher selves. With time, the gaps become longer and we realise that the support from spirit has always been there. We were just too busy - our lives too phrenetic to hear it.

Focus on your breath and your belly rising and falling. Feel any tension slipping from your hands, shoulders and feet. Feel the space between your brow soften and broaden.
Open up your chakras through your intent of wanting them open.

We all have energy centres that are situated along the central line of our bodies. Each of them represents a different colour of the rainbow, and when we are healthy they are vibrant and spinning - emitting an energy to the front and back of us. Our auric layers are also differing rainbow colours, and are influenced by the nature of our chakras.

Imagine that above you is the most beautiful, pure, Divine Light of absolute love.
Feel this love penetrating your being and draw this Light into your soul - filling you up and expanding your heart until you feel bliss.
When we are filled with gratitude and love, we shine.
You can now Shine Your Light.
You can now feel all of the enjoyment for being fully present in this moment rather than an imagined one, or one that you missed because you were stuck in your head / in your thoughts.

Feel absolute joy and love for being here NOW, to live this life, at this time.
Send your Divine Light and love to the universe, to our beautiful planet, to every living thing on it.

Art causes healing, and heart expansion which can set you free.

Be All That You Can Be

This year promises to be a very important year regarding knowledge exchange, stargates opening, and changing energies.

There is so much now on the web regarding -

Christ Consciousness.
Divine Cosmos.
Divine Source.
Spiritual tests.
Photon Belt.
Raising consciousness levels to 5th dimensional understanding.

But what does it all mean?

Put simply, all the people on the planet are going through a gradual shift in their consciousness. Their ability to perceive things is shifting.

It's similar to when mankind believed the earth to be flat, but then it was discovered that it had been round the whole time. At this time, until it was proven that the earth was round, people that believed it was were seen as nutters and 'believers.'

This shift in consciousness is of the same gravity, but this time the 'Shift' is relating to us being 5th dimensional.

5th dimensional means that we accept that we exist above and below the veil.
We can communicate as if the death and alive states were on the same bandwidth.
We are able to receive guidance from family members, friends, angels and guides that are on the Other Side.
We see death differently and no longer are afraid of it or overly mourn another's passing.

When we completely know that we are spirit having a human experience - for the learning of it.

When we realise that the only way is LOVE.

That all our energy and thoughts are laid down - to pollute or heal the earth.

That we are here to heal the planet and it's people - now to be greedy and get ahead of others.

For me it is a birthright -a knowing so deep inside - memories returning, and learning to