Monday, 11 January 2010


A New Year, and a New Way.

Learning that I am not I......I am that I am. My higher self, Monad, helped by guides, a channel.
Who does speak? Who am I, and who are we?.

Clearing out all old energies, and cleansing the environment, with crystals and smudging.

Chanting helps reset the mental pathways. Perfect before meditation.
Chant and meditate regularly to find you true self.

You find your true self once you have stripped away the chatter
A band of energy.

What's the energy like?
Work towards positivity in everything.

Be filled with joy and love, because you can.

Breathe in light and anchor it into the earth.
Draw down the light through art, or meditation, music or contemplation.

Work with the light to heal the planet and the people,
Work with the light to raise consciousness . To en light en.