Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Consciousness Shift

For some years now, I have been educating young people about the consciousness shift.

Through art and meditation we can come to a place of high vibration when we are working with passion; In the no mind state / the daydream we access the super conscious mind - the microcosm of universal consciousness.

We are all individual 'cosms.'

The super consciousness contains information that our conscious mind does not know what to do with.
It is rather like the branches of a tree. The deeper we go into our super consciousness the further we can travel in our knowing of the universe and multiverse.

Understanding of our universe and our full place in it, as well our understanding of other universes is an inward journey.

We are a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. All information can be inspired in the no mind state.
Drawn through the artist and onto canvas, knowledge evolves through the painted journey.

We are infinite, and live lifetime after lifetime experiencing relationship after relationship, in order that we come to know ourselves. So that we can return to our innate energy, which is love.
Once we have found our true nature, our consciousness expands, as we now have the ability to see more, feel more, comprehend more. Working with spirit, Ascended Masters and Archangels, becomes a way of life.
Walking between the worlds becomes the norm, and this process leaves an energy signature.

By being a channel for free creative expression, on a regular basis, a student forms an energy pathway that becomes so strong that a person can be here and there simultaneously. ie here and in spirit at the same time.
This process, as it is accompanied with a state of high vibration, brings this link to earth, and anchors it here.
The more people on earth that learn to do this, the higher the planetary energy. The higher the planetary energy, the more people will shift their consciousness.

Before such a high vibration is reached, we must focus on ourselves and begin to practice self love.
Our general demeanour throughout our lives needs to be bought into balance.
One where we are in control of our moods and are in charge of how we choose to feel and to re act.

When we can finally learn to maintain a clear head, without clamouring thoughts, we can truly say that we have lived. In this state a life presents itself that is in the flow of synchronistic unfolding, without strain.

Lessons still show up that need to be learned, but we have the tools and the knowledge that we have help from the other side of the veil, and we know to listen to internal guidance to find solutions to find ease on our path.

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