Friday, 6 February 2009

Being in the Now

Step one.... WAKE UP.

Step two.... Be in the now.

Step three.. Get rid of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you, negative emotions, living in the past, or future...... and know that you can change the polarity of good or bad at any time.

..Cleanse your mind, your body, your environment.

..Put joy and love into everything that you do.

..Meditate. Do not try. Do not think. Just be.

.. Open up your Chakras through your intent of wanting them open.

..Imagine, above you, the most beautiful, pure, Divine Light of absolute love.

..Feel a world of love penetrating your being from this Light.

..Draw this Diamond Light into your soul.

...Feel your Soul Light expand, and shine out.... Shine Your Light.

..Feel absolute joy and love for being here NOW, to live this life, at this time.

...What an honour.

..Send your Divine Light and love to the universe, to our beautiful planet, and to every living thing on it.

...Oneness will then follow.

Be all that you can be

This year promises to be a very important year regarding knowledge exchange, star gates opening, and changing energies.

There is so much now on the web regarding

Christ consciousness
Divine Cosmos
Divine Source
Spiritual tests
Photon Belt
raising consciousness levels to 5 dimensional understanding.

But, for me, the dichotomy is....
How can someone 'WAKE UP' when they feel that the above information is only for 'believers'

The perception of what I could possibly be as a 'believer' is about as far away from spiritual understanding, as it could be.

Spiritual understanding is so far out of the box to some, and yet for others an important part of who we are.

For me it is a birth right, a knowing so deep inside, memories returning, and learning to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.