Friday, 1 March 2019

The Power of Art

I believe that art has the power to heal because when we are immersed in it - with all our passion - our hearts open wide and we access our innate creation ability. We access our genius and this gives us tremendous joy and fulfilment. A sense of accomplishment and worth. We are nourished by the energy that we pour out of ourselves as well as the energy that fills us up. It is a win win situation that results in our own healing as well as the healing of others, purely by viewing the art.

I have been lucky because I have had the opportunity to share with many young people the journey of healing through art. Such a simple process of expressing yourself with colour - beyond the mind and form. Formless art. Inspiration. A journey that - without pressure - with complete freedom, allows forms to arrive
on their own. A process that gives the mind a complete rest.

Spontaneous free expression captivates a students imagination effortlessly, with healing being a natural and steady bi-product of the enjoyment.

Here are some stunning creations by one of my students who came to me because she had zero confidence. She is at one of the special schools on the Island, but this was not an issue for her.
Somehow something had triggered a complete inability to communicate without jittering nervously She cowered and kept her eyes down, blocking everyone out because she found interaction too difficult and stressful.

Creativity is an amazing process because the act of it causes us to open up. Conversation starts to flow and so healing is on many levels.

What I realised happens to many people is what I observed in myself. As a young child this happened to me. I was fully aware of the dynamic and studied it.

When we are sensitive we pick up on the thoughts of others and fall into behaving exactly as they perceive us. It is not intentional, enjoyable or desired and is very hard to break free from and snap out of. It becomes an ingrained habit.

It feels like you are somehow hooked into a dynamic that over powers you - that is more powerful, and it took me years of fighting it to realise how to escape. Now I teach others the techniques that I learned.

A sensitive person has their own personality that they are aware of as well as all the other personalities of everyone else that they interact with or that are within their vicinity. They read and process all of this information simultaneously and it can be very draining and exhausting.

No help is sought or believed to be required because it is assumed that we are all the same - swamped with a heavy mat of feeling information that is drowning us with its weight.

Finally there is now more information 'out there' that is showing how All Is Energy, and All can be Felt. All is Tangible. PHEW!

So this mirroring of others that think that we are stupid, weak, feeble, incapable or LESS somehow is something that overrides our natural self because we are swamped by it and have a difficulty in detangling all the incoming feelings to sort out what is our own. And there just ISN'T Time. Life is too hurried and rushed and we receive no help, and we can't work out what is wrong with us.

Art gives us breathing space. Time to be intrinsically ourselves. As sensitive people we can learn to hear and know ourselves louder than all the other surrounding melee.

We do not have to humour others because their
thoughts of us are demeaning - however shouty they are.

With this particular student, regular discussions of energy dynamics were crucial to her healing, as well as conversation and an environment where every drop of energy was positive and encouraging.

Even momentary dips in my energy would bring a question...
'Do you like me?'
 or - 'I'm sorry.' as if she was responsible for my energy as she was being affected by it.

It took me right back to when I was a child. She helped me remember and to heal these
deepest darkest corners of myself and to bring them into the light.

After two years this student is now the chattiest, cheekiest member of the class and radiates joy, compassion and love.

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