Friday, 29 November 2013

Awakening and ART

Awakening to new 5th dimensional energies occurs when there is a shift in perception.

A raise in consciousness from lower energies that bind us to a lower vibration or samsara.

Awakening means that we completely remember who we are as a spiritual being.
For a while as you are breaking free from the OLD WAY, you will find yourself perpetually forgetting and in that state you will be completely oblivious to another level, or world of experience.
But it's okay, it isn't a race!

The problem is in the initial remembering, with your mind battling a new perception and saying

'This isn't real, this is delusional.'

The laugh comes when you finally break free, and you make out that you always new it anyway....which of course you did, before your memory was erased as you came up the birth canal.

Art is an amazing way to awaken.

Because this state is who we fully are, it can be reached when we completely let go of all 3d control. Put another way - when we conquer our ego, which is by no means easy.
One large problem is distinguishing your id / spirit from your ego. One right brain, one left.
Basically the chatty, noisy, know-it-all, bossy one, is the ego, and the very quiet one that always gets over ruled is the id.
I found that I was sent many lessons adhering to this, until I could ignore it no more. Lessons would follow the same pattern, where I heard something so quietly - almost inaudibly, then my loud voice trumpeted in and I went straight with it's view point.
Basically the lessons were set up that something always went horribly wrong so that I could replay the scenario in my head and remember the quiet voice.
By acknowledging my right brain in this way, the voice slowly became louder.

Luckily age also helps. Each spiritual year is 7 years. We are born very clear and aware and many of us have childhood friends or can see or sense spirit, but the world soon deadens us.
Through puberty the veil is at it's thickest because it is important that mankind populate the earth, but after this the veil becomes progressively thinner so it is far easier to hear.

It is also easier if you have less testosterone for you to hear, which is why women generally have a clearer link.

When you are in a blissed state, as in meditation, or when you lose yourself in art, your vibration raises, and you are able to be fully yourself, as you reach your higher self....the full self, your genius.

I always feel that the 3d energy - heavy, upset, angry, fearful, busy-minded, controlling, dominating is like only having half your head, and awareness.

Breaking free comes when you finally vow to yourself that you will never forget who you really are.  You have a team talk with yourself or put post it notes around your house reminding you to never forget. Unfortunately despite this you still forget frequently until you remember better, and so well in fact that you break free. For me the impetus was getting sick of repeating the same tiresome lessons.

The incredible thing that then transpires is that you realize that you have spent your whole life thus far, living only half a life, an illusion - with things totally upside down. You get cross with yourself for having gripped on to your stupidity for what seems like eons - and is in fact many, many life times.

You start to remember other lifetimes, the pre- life state. You start to communicate with spirit, your guides, friends and family the other side of the veil and to work with angels.

You shift your consciousness because you understand microcosm and macrocosm. You understand that universal consciousness is within us all, and we can access it by going within -
Through meditation, art or music.
In the quiet times or when we remove our minds from our heads.
Then in our right mind, day dreamy state we can finally HEAR and finally KNOW who we are and why we came here.

Because we remember, we awaken.

About 10% of the worlds population is currently awakening. That is such a good thing, as we need to pave the way for the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children who are far more evolved than us, and are somewhat exasperated at the state of the world.

Their clarity is mind blowing. Spirit communication is so obvious for them they assume that we are ALL doing it.

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